Editors Guild formed for Digital Media Journalists of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

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Pune, 6th March 2024: The first 2 decades of 21st Century has brought in digital revolution across globe. The world of ‘News & Media’ too has adopted the same enormously. In current times most of the print media and electronic media has also come with their digital news portal to support the existing line of business.

In the era of media outlets mushrooming, the Journalists & Editors across all the major &renowned digital platforms across Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad region have come together to strengthen & curate future of News Media in the region through the new age Digital Journalism. In this journey, the team has established ‘Editors Guild of Pune-Pimpri Digital Media’. With digital platforms poised to wield significant influence in the News & Media, the Guild aims to tackle the key challenges faced by journalists operating in the digital sphere.

Led by Founder President Nitin Patil, Editor of Policenama, the inaugural meeting of the Guild convened in Pune recently, marking a significant milestone in the journey of togetherness & constant support to each other in the world of News & Media. The maiden meeting was attended by the Executive Committee members who are from renowned digital media portals.

Notable attendees included Nitin Patil, Editor Policenama; Vivek Inamdar, Founder Director of mpcnews; Mubarak Ansari, Editor of Punekarnews; Tikam Shekhawat Consulting Editor of Punekarnews; Renuka Suryavanshi, Editor of mypunepulse & Archana More, Editor thescoopenews. Avinash Chilekar, Editor of pcbtoday, and Journalist Basit Shaikh of Policenama couldn’t join due to personal exigencies.

The key agenda of the meeting was to define pathway of the Guild and outline its objectives moving forward.

A key priority for the Guild is to unite the journalists operating in the digital news landscape, fostering unanimity among the associates. Additionally, it aims to address various challenges faced by the journalists of Digital News Media world. Tikam Shekhawat played a pivotal role in the formation of the ‘Editors Guild’.

The executive team of the Editors Guild of Pune-Pimpri Digital Media is as follows:

Founder President: Nitin Patil
Executive Chairman: Mubarak Ansari
General Secretary: Tikam Shekhawat
Senior Vice President: Vivek Inamdar
Senior Vice President: Avinash Chilekar
Secretory : Renuka Suryavanshi
Treasurer: Archana More
Executive Member: Basit Shaikh