Educate people on nutritional value of food they consume- Dr Chavhan

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1 March 2019, PUNE- Depriving body of essential nutrients in the name of diet could be catastrophic. Avoiding certain food types to control weight or lose weight is equally disastrous. It is essential to educate people on quality & quantity of nutrition going in our body through our food daily. This will surely divert people to have balance diet leading to more healthy eating, expressed Dr U. D. Chavan- Head of Foods & Science Technology dept, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidhyapeeth, Rahuri.

He was speaking at on the subject “Nutritious cereals for human health” at the seminar “Balance Diet for Healthy Life” organized by Skyroots Ventures LLP. Present on the occasion Ajay Kangralkar, Founder & Jayashri Chaudhari Director of SkyRoots, Ambika Nair-Clinical Nutritionist, Jupiter Hospital and Kamaljeet Kaur, Director SACH Hospital, Shilpa Shirole- President, Indian Dietary Association Pune Chapter, Archana Rairikar. On the occasion a healthy cooking competition was held using cereals with participation from many nutritionist & dieticians.

“Nutritious meal acts like a medicine to the body. If it is not taken in right quantity and at right time, it hampers the normal functioning of body. More stress should be given to locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. Packaged food items should be kept at bay”, said Kaur.

Explaining the importance of sprouts in diet, Ambika Nair said, “Sprouting process increases the nutritional value of food. These protein rich sprouts are easy for digestion due to its living enzymes, it reduces cholesterol and fats too. It also helps in building immune system and assist in weight loss in a healthy way.