Education = Business

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By Husein K Chunawala

Pune, 18th June: “If the money we donate helps a child or even eases the pain of a parent, that fund is well spent”. The press conference was held keeping private schools with unaided school lobbies whilst increasing fees structure which was in association with the officers in education department.

Though many fee regulation acts were made for private schools, but unfortunately feels like none of them is taken seriously by those bodies.

Precisely, in Maharashtra, when BJP formed government with majority, the hopes of a common man survived and expectations of better education and fees system were made from the state government. However on the other hand looks like government have taken oath of not implementing anything these win years.

The parents are being punished for showing willingness to pay fees as per law and for not paying illegally hiked portion of fees. So questions were asked to our education minister Mr.Vinod Tawde that why there are no further actions taken on private schools? In response he said , without any parents intermediate action , officials cannot do anything . However these law gateways are apparently liberated and displayed in papers only. As far as deployment is concerned, families of those kids might have to end up reaching to the education minister whilst no one being a real helper in the chain.

Later on, a victim parent, Gaurav who shared his child’s experience when his fee wasn’t paid in full, resulting in not issuing the books from the mentor, got “Transfer Certificate” without giving any reason from the school premises.

According to current act of 2011, contains certain bias provisions which need amendment, one of these provisions is election of executive committee of PTA. The Fee Regulation Act which are made by government and even they are signed by our education minister mr. Vinod Tawde that their won’t be any increase in fee structure but still they are not followed by the management, they are only on papers, as per the rule by the government, for the next two years there won’t be increase in fee structure but still they are increasing the fees by 15% every year.

So Whom To Blame “Government”, “Management” or “Parents”.

(Husein K Chunawala is a student of Indira School of Communication)