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National, 21st December 2021: edustoke is today India’s largest online platform in preschool to K-12 space  bridging parents’ need for information and expert advice on education choices and the critical need for  schools to market themselves and gain enrolments in an increasingly competitive environment. The  platform is currently servicing 15 cities in the country intending to expand to 45 new cities by early  2022, both national and international.


edustoke works with the sole objective of alleviating the issues of access, quality, and affordability of K 12 education and after school activities and engagements, for parents. Led and managed by a team of K 12 Industry veterans, in the last four years, the service provider has helped over 12 million parents make  the most appropriate decision about their child schooling options. The brand is looking to expand in cities  like Bhopal, Lucknow, Guwahati among others along with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha and Bahrain in  the first half of the year 2022.


Speaking about the expansion, Pawas Tyagi, Co-Founder, edustoke, comments, “Choice of School is  amongst the most important decision for a parent. The school search industry is in its nascent stage given  the advent of everything else. This industry is in its infancy. edustoke, currently, is the pioneer in the  structured search for schools and we take pride in helping parents find the best fit for their child. What  edustoke has done differently is to facilitate parents with the end-to-end information including the school  fee, which we feel is the primary factor of narrowing down this search. This year we have served to close  about 8 million parents from the cities that we operate in. Looking at the overwhelming response from the  parents has encouraged us to grow in more cities by early next year. We aim at expanding to 45 new cities  within the country and internationally. In terms of revenues, we generated 16 MN last year and anticipate  a 3X growth this year. We are indebted to our clients and our team for their unparalleled faith on us. It is  due to their support that we have been able to grow exponentially over the years and are now planning to  widen our horizons at the global level.”


edustoke has addressed the issues that parents face while selecting a school for their child by leveraging  the power of technology with proximity-based search engines and adding newer cities and schools every  month. The team has in-house K-12 Industry veterans who help parents make the right choice for the base  education for the child. The brand also intends to Democratize the Tuitions & Test Prep market by adding  Quality tutors from all across the country in pursuit of Access to every parent. In addition, it is working  with Banks & Fintech companies to extend 0% EMI to Parents to afford Quality education.