Effect of Global Warming on Monsoon Rains

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By Col S G Dalvi (retd.)

If we analyse last few years climatic events, especially with respect to Monsoon rains, we notice following :

Deficit Monsoon

Delayed Monsoon

High intensity rain fall


Warmer winters

Hail Storms

Unseasonal rains

By now we noticed havoc caused by such extreme climatic events. In 2013- 14 India has to face losses worth more than Rs 18000 Crore. This year it will be rather high. As the reservoir all over have less than 24 % of water, much less compare to same period last year. Effect will be reduced Agriculture produce , add to this expenses in supplying water to affected areas . Losses due to above mentioned extreme climatic events will furter increase burden of losses.

As a student of Climate Change I advocate that holistic approach to face effect of Global Warming is essential.Following actions must be on top priority

Awareness program on reasons of Global Warming & actions by citizens to reduce the same at individual & community level

Strict Air Pollution Control rules

Policy on Groundwater Management & Maintenance

Spread of awareness on Water Conservation & Rain Water Harvesting both surface & roof top

Implementation of RWH policy at all levels

Changes in Agriculture Crop sowing pattern based on change in Monsoon Cycle.

Better Seeds to face natures adverse impacts

Switching over to Solar Energy to meet power needs of citizens & communities.

To achieve these targets we need much bigger involvement from Govt at all levels. Political leadership right from Village level should undergo specific training to spread awareness.

It is a duty of every citizen to work towards this single goal of saving natural resources of Mother Nature.

(Col S G Dalvi (retd.) is district manager (Pune) of the the Climate Reality Project, India and Director, Parjanya : Rain water Harvesting Consultancy)