Election Commission of India Urges Voters to Participate in General Elections 2024

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Pune, 17th April 2024: In a recent Facebook alert, the Election Commission of India (ECI) underscored the monumental scale of the Indian General Elections 2024, labeling it as the world’s largest mobilization exercise of both manpower and resources. With an impressive count of nearly 97 crore voters, 10.5 lakh polling stations, and 1.5 crore election officials, the upcoming elections epitomize a festival of collective expression and empowerment.

Addressing the electorate directly, the ECI appealed to voters to actively engage in this democratic process by exercising their invaluable right to vote. Providing key details and dates, the Commission outlined the following:
Schedule: The voting process will unfold in seven phases across 543 Parliamentary Constituencies. Voters are encouraged to verify their polling date and station details on the official ECI website at https://electoralsearch.eci.gov.in/.

Result Declaration: The results of the elections will be announced on June 4, 2024, marking the culmination of this extensive electoral exercise.

Ease of Voting: Special arrangements and facilities have been put in place to ensure a seamless voting experience for all citizens, including provisions for water, shelter, toilets, ramps, volunteers, wheelchairs, and electricity. These efforts aim to facilitate the participation of every eligible voter, including the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Additionally, the ECI highlighted the availability of essential election-related information, from registration to polling station details and election dates, on its official platform at https://elections24.eci.gov.in/. The Commission urged citizens to utilize this resource for their convenience.

Accompanying the alert was a video emphasizing the significance of each vote and inviting citizens to partake in the celebration of “Chunav ka Parv,” where every vote counts.

As the nation gears up for this monumental electoral event, the Election Commission of India emphasizes the importance of voter participation in shaping the democratic landscape of the country.