eMudhra partners with Ghana based SIBL to offer ‘integrated insurance’ to enterprises

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India, August 2: eMudhra, a market leader in digital identity and transaction management solutions today announced its partnership with Ghana based Safety Insurance Brokers Limited (SIBL) to offer ‘Integrated Insurance’ to enterprises in Africa. Under this partnership, eMudhra will be helping organizations in Africa achieve secure digital transformation. eMudhra’s ‘Integrated Insurance’ service is based on emSigner that enables insurance companies to go paperless. This service will be catered to the Insurance, Banking and government institutions in Africa.

Use cases of emSigner:1. New insurance applications2. Policy changes and maintenance3. Financial Contracts4. Contract or agreements signing5. Claims processing6. Agent appointment and licensing7. Approvals for internal and regulated documents8. Disclosers9. Secure delivery of documents10. Online insurance policies11. Policy Authenticity Validation

Currently, eMudhra is striving to create one of the first integrated platforms in the region across hospitals, insurance providers, insurance sponsors and recipients to communicate and conduct transactions in a paperless manner for insurance claims. emSigner acts as the common link which connects the Hospital Management Systems, Insurance ERP’s, and other systems making insurance claim a smooth process.

Mr. V Srinivasan, Founder Chairman, eMudhra said, “In Africa, most countries are aiming to go digital to effectively reduce costs and increase mobility. With many BFSI and government institutions looking to move towards a digital ecosystem, we foresee Africa to be a high growth market in the coming years. We see this as an exciting project which could genuinely add a lot of value to many organizations in Ghana, and subsequently, other countries in Africa.”

Enterprises in Africa largely use conventional DMS, CRM, and ERP systems but the concept of eDMS and paperless office is still at its nascent stage. Many organizations (both public and private) are keen on becoming paperless. With high mobile penetration in African countries, digitization is imminent and required to leverage on high mobile penetration effectively.

Mr. Arvind Srinivasan, SVP – Strategic Initiatives and Global Markets, eMudhra said, “Our paperless services could reduce paper around the claim process by over 80% and enable significantly higher stakeholder convenience. With this thought, we hope to contribute towards a mobile first Africa in a meaningful way.”

To this end, emSigner software can not only enable organizations to go paperless but also reduce human efforts significantly. emSigner can be used by organizations across many verticals either as a separate system or in an integrated solution with existing applications to digitally sign & dispatch any document without manual interventions.