Exchange of students between Bosnia-Herzegovina and India, hints Consul

Bosnia Consul Pune India
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Pune, 29th September 2021: The consulate of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) in Pune has hinted for exchange of students from BiH and India in future. The Consulate will provide all the required facilities to the students from BiH who wish to come and continue their studies here under the grant ensured by the Indian government.

“I will not just of help for distinguished Professor Hadzialic during his stay in India, but also will help in coordination with the exchange of students from BiH who wish to come and continue studies here under the grant ensured by India government,” said Suhas Mantri, Consul of BiH in Pune.

Upon an initiative by the Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Suhas Mantri, a visit was paid to the Consulate of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) in Pune by the representatives of DY Patil International University (DYPIU), School of Media & Journalism (SMJ) Prof Sabahudin Hadzialic, who has recently joined the University as a regular faculty, along with SMJ director Dr Anjani Kumar Srivastava.

It is to be noted that as an expatriate, Hadzialic is not only the employee of DYPIU but also the person, who together with the director, SMJ, creates interaction between the two countries through the University with the help of the Consul of Bosnia-Herzegovina which connects the two nations.

The discussion was focused on further linking of educational issues on a specific student exchange program as well as the cooperation of cultural, economic and social issues.