Families of Pune Porsche Accident Victims Fear Evidence Tampering, Call for Supreme Court Oversight

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Pune/Jabalpur, 29th May 2024: The families of the two young IT engineers from Madhya Pradesh who died in the May 19 Porsche Taycan accident continue to fear tampering of evidence. They plan to begin their fight for justice after the 13th-day ritual (terahvi) on June 2.

Aneesh Awadhiya’s father, Om Prakash, expressed his concerns, saying, “Initially, Maharashtra police were uncooperative and mentally harassed our families. However, now the investigation is proceeding in the right direction. Still, there are attempts to destroy evidence and influence witnesses.”

He referred to reports that the minor accused’s blood sample (for alcohol test) was switched.

Suresh Koshta, father of Ashwini, shared similar apprehensions. “The investigation should be conducted under Supreme Court supervision,” he said. “If evidence is tampered with, justice will not be served. One could destroy all the evidence and claim no such incident occurred. The apex court should take cognizance of the matter. The police should complete the investigation and present the chargesheet quickly to ensure swift justice.”

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The accident occurred in the early hours of May 19, when a Porsche Taycan driven by the 17-year-old son of a builder collided with a motorcycle in Kalyaninagar, killing Aneesh (24) and Ashwini (24), both from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.