FASTag Or Slow Tag: Long Queues At Toll Plazas Across Maharashtra

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Pune, 12th March 2021: The Centre made it mandatory to implement a FASTag to save time, money and make travel hassle-free, but poor implementation has created chaos at almost all the toll plazas. Several toll plazas have yet not inducted the machinery wherein the FASTag sticker would get scanned within seconds when the vehicle having it would pass through it.


Although the FASTag was introduced to save money and time at the toll plazas, poor implementation of it has caused severe inconvenience to the travellers. Long queues can be seen at various toll plazas across the state. Khed-Shivapur toll plaza saw huge lines of vehicles despite fast tag machinery intact at the toll plaza. The travellers thus named it ‘slow tag’, instead of ‘FASTag’.


Several toll plazas face problems like the booth operators are not present on their seat, closure of the booths, technical issues, fast tag not getting scanned properly, arguments between the traveller and the booth operator add to the woes.


This problem is common especially on public holidays when a large number of people move out for tourism. Travellers while speaking with this website said we unnecessarily have to bear the brunt of the poor administration.