Fatal Collision on Nashik-Pune Highway: Four Lives Lost in Container-Palkhi Crash

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Pune, 4th December 2023: Tragedy struck the Nashik-Pune highway as a collision between a container and a procession, known as a palkhi, resulted in the loss of four lives and left eight individuals critically injured. The incident unfolded on Monday when a palkhi procession honoring Kashikanand Maharaj of Shirdi was en route from Shirdi to Alandi.

Reports indicate that the collision occurred due to a speeding container whose driver, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, lost control of the vehicle. This reckless maneuver claimed the lives of four individuals instantly, while eight others sustained severe injuries.

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Prompt assistance from nearby residents saw the injured swiftly transported to hospitals. Police have apprehended the container driver, while enraged locals vented their anger by vandalizing the container.