Father gives a New Lease of Life to his Son at Continental Hospitals

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Hyderabad, India : A Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplant was successfully performed on a 4 year old male child suffering from a rare blood disorder called Fanconi’s Anemia.

A Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplant was successfully performed on a 4-year-old male child suffering from a rare blood disorder called Fanconi’s Anemia. The incidence of this disease is such that only one case is reported per four lakh people.

Parents of Haneesh Verma, a 4-year-old child from Hyderabad consulted Continental Hospitals on the 31st of October, complaining about multiple ailments since birth, of which the most recent and troublesome was drop in the levels of blood cells (Aplastic Anemia). After detailed investigations, Haneesh was diagnosed with Fanconi’s Anemia- which is an autosomal recessive condition with affected children landing into severe bone marrow failure by the age of 8 or 9 years.

According to the Fanconi’s Anemia Research Foundation, more than 60 percent of patients born with FA have at least one physical anomaly with median lifespan of less than 2 decades. In 38 years of European History, only 729 cases of Stem Cell Transplant in Adults have been treated.

Dr. A V S Suresh, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist and Hematologist said, “Fanconi’s Anemia is a life-threatening disorder and if left untreated, it might have led to many complications like recurrent infections and a panorama of growth disorders as well as Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Stem cell transplant is the current standard and only curative option for Fanconi Anemia. Continental Hospitals is considered as the best hospital in Hyderabad thanks to the availability of varied medical expertise, sophisticated lab facilities and the highest hygiene conditions. Haneesh was kept under close observation and he has recovered very well.”

Consultant Pediatric Intensivist, Dr. Anjul Dayal, who was also a part of the medical team treating the child, said, “Haneesh’s case was indeed very challenging. To carry out the stem cell transplant, there was no match from registries or cord. The best we could do is a 50% match from the father with a different blood group. Also, the child is hyper active with limited understanding. However, since we have a team consisting of the best medical oncologist in Hyderabad, along with best pediatrician in Hyderabad have come together to ensure that Haneesh makes the best recovery possible.”

Stem cell harvest procedure was done on the father that lasted for about three and half hours, and thereafter the harvested stem cells were transplanted to the child which is a half-an-hour procedure.