Fear Factor is back home on AXN

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~Season 5 and Version 2.0, Starts 12th September, Mon-Fri, 9pm~



Mumbai, 7th September, 2016: Imagine a world where your greatest fears become a reality and you experience and challenge your fears! Pave way for the deadliest adventure based reality show as contestants battle out their worst fears with the most gruesome and extreme tasks in Fear Factor. The thrilling episodes of season 5 followed by USA version 2.0 begins on 12th September, Monday to Friday 9pm only on AXN.

The season kicks off with Teen Choice Award nominated host Joe Rogan, who has been hosting the show across seasons and has won many accolades like the MMA Personality of the Year. Joe Rogan gets contestants to fight their Extreme Fears through Challenging Stunts, Creepy Animals, Deep Waters, Extreme Heights and other deadly tasks.  This season is divided into parts with the initial episodes featuring couples as contestants, the next section includes ex Fear Factor winners, followed by Miss USA contestants and other relations like twins special, newlyweds, best friends and other groups of contestants. 

With season 5, the show elevates to another deadlier level with stunts like rappelling from a helicopter, eating a brew of scorpions & bug guts, drinking rotten meat and dining on rotten stew, to riding a bike across a narrow plank between two speeding semi-trucks. The challenges get bigger and tougher with every season.

AXN has always been home to Fear Factor since many years and viewers can treat themselves to another thrilling season of the iconic show.

Viewers can brace themselves for another jaw dropping season packed with deadly stunts and creepiest tasks that contestants shall encounter.  Do not forget to switch on your television sets at 9pm to embark on this adventurous journey with AXN.


If fear is not a factor for you, then get ready for Fear Factor 12th September onwards Monday to Friday at 9 P.M. only on AXN.