Finolex Pipeson its journey with the Varkaris

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Pune: Finolex is proud and privileged to be a part of the Palkhi journey from Pune to Pandharpur together with the devotees for the last 30 years. Each year Finolex Pipes makes a notable contribution during the Palkhi procession. The Varkaris participate from different parts of Maharashtra.Finolex Pipes plans every year to support with various helpful products such as bags, ladoos and refreshments to the pilgrims between, 7th to 19th July 2018 at various pilgrim stop-overs en route destination – Vithoba temple in Pandharpur.

In addition to this, a new feature was added on 3 years ago with medical camps. These are being organised at, Baramati and Akluj in collaboration with medical teams from Sassoon General Hospital. A medical pilot van and ambulance service in collaboration with BVG has been arranged and will be connected as per the need. The team of doctors will be offering support to treat patients with first aid for minor and common ailments and fatigue problems like fever, headache, cough, indigestion, weakness, allergy, dehydration, problems of eyes and ears etc.

The warkaris approaching the van will be given pouches containing appropriate medicines, tablets, glucose, bandage and first aid

Finolex pipes is encouraging the waris not to use plastics due to its harmful effects to the environment. The wari passes through many villages and towns along the way. The pilgrims camp in tents or people’s yards. Sellers of food at these stops do a lot of business. After consumption of food items made of plastic which has been used by them are thrown away which can leave trail of hazardous material and a pose a risk to the environment.

“To save the environment and to make this city and the surrounding plastic free, Finolex Pipes in its mission to support and save the environment urges the Warkaris to carry cloth bags and own water bottles to make a plastic free zone” said Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Managing Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation.

Along with refreshments and medical aid Finolex Pipes will distribute 1,00,000 bags containing haripaths (a collection of twenty-eight abhangas (poems) written by the thirteenth-century Marathi Saint, Dnyaneshwar)in Nigadi, Dighi, Dive Ghat and UruliKanchan. Food distribution drive has also been organsised in various dedicated stop-over locations. The locations where Finolex Pipes have set up their stalls are Nigdi, Dighi, Uralikanchan, Saswad, Nira, Baramati, Beed (GajananMaharajPalkhi, Shegaon) and Indapur.

“Finolex Pipes feels privileged to be able to serve such a huge populace for the last 30 years. A special relationship has been developed with farmers over the last few years. Many of these farmers participate in this event. Festivals are a great way for social gathering and to be a part of this religious pilgrimage is our way to support the society” said Nitin Kulkarni, President-Sales and Marketing, FinolexPipes.