Fire Power Angels

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By Mayuresh Bhardwaj

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” The three women flying cadets of Indian air force curve a niche in this men dominating society in very extensive way. Although their path was never so easier to accomplish. But, as we know when there is a will there is definitely a way to go through. This is very applicable for these fire power girls.

Avani Chaurvedi, hailing from Satna (Madhya Predesh). As a young girl she was crazy about flying ; but perhaps she was so young to understand how to make it possible at that age. But through the time her will power and her devotion to her ultimate goal not only achieve it for her but also induced her name in the history. She was so inspired by her brother who is in army that she decided to conquire the skies and finally accomplish it.

Along with flying cadet Avani another brave girl from remote village in Darbhanga district Bihar conquest something which is even biggest for many of imagination. ‘Bhawana Kanth’ yes she is the girl from the state where women literacy is a bit more than 50%. This make her achievement even more meaningful and also necessary for those women who have dreams but never dare to try to achieve it because of some irrational thoughts and false believe of society. For Bhawana it was dream of her childhood something only boys were expected to aspire to be. According to her father she usually convinced him by saying “we all have to die one day then what is the point of being afraid.”

Unlike Avani and Bhawana, Mohana Singh is so excited to continue that golden legacy of her family to serving the nation. After her grandfather who was a flight gunner in the Aviation research Center and her father is warrant officer in the IAF. Though her elders was already in that field that doesn’t means her dedication was blur because of the fact. Instead it became an encouragement for her to do better than last one. Her dedication was emance to induce her name with golden words in history.

All these three women are just finished their training at an air force base in Telangana. It was 18th June 2016 when history was created in Indian Air Force when these young guns took their responsibilities of services to the nation.

These women accomplish their goal individually but when it comes together they made their feat more glorifying and admirable.

This success stories gave many hopes to others to fulfil their goal by their supreme will power and faith in their dreams.

(Mayuresh bhardwaj is a student of journalism from Indira School of Communication)