First ever eHealthCard launched in India

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Punekar News's photo.Pune-based NCORD Health Card LLP dispatches its spearheading and diversion changing innovation intended to advantage the human services industry, with the launch of the eHealthCard, for the first time in India. The eHealthCard was launched at the hands of honourable Chief Guest Dr Avinash Bhondve, State Vice President IMA, in the presence of Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar Designated Partner NCORD and Dr. Deepak Shikarpur Chief Mentor& IT Expert, NCORD, on 3rd October 2015, at Pride Hotel.

“With this eHealthCard, NCORD has taken an initiate to fulfil the vision of Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to reach every niche & corner of Indian cities &villages through technology. NCORD, eHealthCard is a cloud-based technology through which one can carry their medical records everywhere with them”, said Nilesh Kandalgaonkar.

The NCORD eHealthCard digitally stores and secures all your medical records and makes them available wherever, and whenever. This results in better care, and timely emergency interventions.

With NCORD’s eHealthCard, benefits for Users, Doctors & HealthCare professionals are:

· eHealthCard reduces the time required to maintain & keep track of medical records

· Provide 3600 connectivity with all healthcare sectors

· Availability of medical data instantly during emergencies

· Easy to upload & store all medical data

· Insurance data can also be uploaded

· 24 X 7 integrated accessibility across the globe

· Tremendous reduction of time for physician’s diagnosis and analysis

· Avoids unnecessary, voluminous paperwork and other administrative overhead

· Facility of e Prescription

· Book & manage online appointments

· Reduce paperwork involved in prescriptions & administrative activites

· Back-up support for all reports

· Prolonged medical cases can be tracked and checked

· Improves patients and providers interaction with effective communication

· mHealth mobile app for instant access

Punekar News's photo.Several recognized researchers and experts traversing the range of negotiators, analysts, and medicinal services industry thought pioneers graced the event by their presence, highlighting the concept of digital India and its impact in various industries and sectors including healthcare industry and its broad spectrum. Dr. Avinash Bhondve presented the vision of electronic records in healthcare industry. He suggested the various ways and the benefits of eHealthCard for doctors & Medical professionals. This concept was incorporated and concluded by the Chief Mentor & IT Expert Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, as he highlighted the features of smart health with eHealthCard and its significance in Healthcare industry. Finally this discussion was concluded by, Mr. Nilesh Kandalgaonkar the Designated Partner of NCORD, who viewed this as a summit of his vision, and the realization of this will change existing principles of computerized social insurance.

“At NCORD Healthcard, four years of intensive steadiness, broad and fastidious examination united with visionary arranging, has prepared the NCORD eHealthCard for open dispatch and scattering. With the dispatch of eHealthCard, NCORD has demonstrated the development use of data innovation in health awareness”, summed up Nilesh Kandalgaonkar.


NCORD Health Card LLP is one of the most efficient, competitive and accountable healthcare service providers in the world. At NCORD, we upload, store and preserve your health records for you, electronically. You can download your records anywhere, anytime. Your medical information is available to you and your healthcare service provider in normal and / or during medical emergency condition, which enables quicker and accurate diagnosis resulting ultimately in better medical care for you. eHealthCard is a cloud based innovative technology developed by us in compliance to latest American and International HITECH, HIPAA and HL7 guidelines. Security of your medical records is guaranteed.

Through our eHealthCard we connect you to a “LiveWire” of global healthcare services.

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