Five Key Reasons Why CXOs Must Build Their Brand In 2023

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Akshata Shah

Pune, 14th January 2023: Digital marketing has become the trendiest marketing approach among corporates, startups, and celebrities; for a good reason. The advent of the internet has opened up boundaries and created possibilities that we never even realized could be a reality.

Before the internet, building a brand was a costly affair, a privilege even. But today, thanks to the insane invention of social media, reaching millions, even billions of people, is possible with the click of a few buttons on the computer.

Yet, in 2023, we see CEOs, CXOs, and C-level executives take personal branding lightly. In my decade-long experience as a content marketing and branding communications expert, I have seen business owners and leaders build their ventures through personal branding in ways never recognized as potential opportunities.

If you haven’t already invested in personal branding as a CXO, I’m giving you five key reasons why you should reconsider your stance:

Humanize Your Company Brand

In the last few years, consumers have been driving many important business decisions, directly and indirectly, related to the product/service. Many studies suggest that brand loyalty is at its highest when brands are best humanized. One of the primary ingredients in this process is ‘attaching a face to the name’.

Boost the Credibility of Your New Firm

More often than not, company owners have more industry experience than their companies. Building your brand will allow you to transfer that market credibility instantaneously to your new company. Once credibility is built, customers begin to trust better and pay better.

Community-Based Marketing

Building a personal brand allows CXOs to build an audience actively seeking expert advice. You can leverage this audience for better digital opportunities when you consistently add value to your audience and invest resources to build a credible public persona. The best example for this? Ankur Warikoo. Five years ago, not many people would have known who he is; today, he is a digital mentor to thousands of students, startup owners, lost teenagers, and young entrepreneurs.

Better Connect With Prospects

When decision-makers have an active social presence sharing the behind-the-scenes of their companies, their clients automatically get a preview of the internal ethos, work environment, and more importantly, how their projects will be handled. This sneak peek allows you to rank higher on your prospect’s Choice list and enables higher loyalty among existing clients.

Plan For The Future

You may have a company that has decades to back you or one that was launched yesterday; your customers essentially run your business. Many brands are hesitant to go digital, especially in terms of marketing, because ‘this is how we’ve always done things’.

The truth of the matter is that your audience is getting younger and more digitally savvy. Studies show that Gen Z has not even hit adulthood yet and is still influencing many buying decisions. If you don’t have a personal brand or, worse, a digital company brand, you’re essentially invisible. Building a personal brand isn’t an option if you want to survive the cutthroat digital competition and win the hearts of millennials and gen z buyers (who will inevitably buy from you in less than five years).

Essentially, personal brand building is the need of the hour for many companies, regardless of which sector you belong to! Your brand will reflect directly upon your company and decide your brand equity. As my mentor rightfully says, ‘If you’re not building a brand intentionally, you’re still building it unintentionally.”

That’s it for today! In the next post, we’ll dive deeper into the foundational ingredients of personal branding and how you can build one for yourself!

Akshata Shah

(Akshata Shah is a renowned content marketing & branding communications expert from Pune. She is primarily known to develop & execute content marketing strategies for 200+ brands in the B2B sector & build personal brands for CEOs, CXOs, and other C-level executives through LinkedIn. Her new startup Qnikorn provides services ranging from digital marketing, content creation, and digital design. You can reach her on her social pages below: