Flyover Construction and Heavy Rain Create Chaos Near Savitribai Phule Pune University

Pune University Chowk traffic
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Pune, 7th June 2024: Heavy rain, potholed roads, and ongoing flyover construction caused a massive traffic jam on Ganeshkhind Road from morning until afternoon. The rain prompted many citizens to use their four-wheelers, exacerbating the traffic congestion and inconveniencing commuters during their morning travels.


The multi-storied flyover, metro project, and road widening work on Ganeshkhind Road have already complicated traffic flow. Traffic from Aundh and Baner towards Pune has been diverted through VAMNICOM, Range Hills, and back to Agriculture College, increasing the burden on drivers. Additionally, portal beam work for the flyover ramp at Savitribai Phule Pune University Chowk began on Friday, further narrowing the road and restricting vehicle movement.


The morning rain worsened road conditions, creating potholes and necessitating the opening of drainage covers, making driving hazardous. Traffic slowed significantly, and internal roads became congested along with the main road.


As the rain persisted, more citizens opted for four-wheelers over two-wheelers, intensifying the traffic congestion. The combination of potholes and open drainage covers made the roads dangerous for motorists.


Traffic on Ganeshkhind Road, Senapati Bapat Road, Aundh Road, Baner Road, and two internal roads of the university slowed down considerably. Vehicle queues stretched for one to two kilometers on University Road, causing significant delays for citizens commuting to work.


A citizen remarked, “The police and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) should reduce or halt development works during the monsoon when traffic increases. How much more are you going to inconvenience the citizens?”


Chaturshringi Traffic Branch Police Inspector Shafique Pathan explained, “The necessary portal beam work for the flyover ramp is ongoing at the square near Savitribai Phule Pune University. As a result, the road has become narrow. There were potholes on the road, and a large number of four-wheelers contributed to the traffic jam. The traffic cleared up after noon.”


Overall, the combination of ongoing construction, adverse weather conditions, and increased vehicular traffic has created significant challenges for commuters, highlighting the need for better planning and coordination during peak traffic periods and adverse weather.