Foreign Tourists Rescued After Avalanche Hits Gulmarg

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Srinagar, February 22, 2024: In a swift rescue operation following a severe avalanche in Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir, three foreign nationals have been successfully evacuated amid concerns about their safety. Tragically, one individual lost their life in the disaster, while another sustained injuries.

The incident occurred on Thursday on the Khilan Marg of the famous Afarwat Peak in Gulmarg. The avalanche claimed the life of one tourist while three others were rescued in the nick of time, with one person still reported missing. Sources indicate that the avalanche struck around two in the afternoon, trapping at least five foreign tourists beneath the snow.

Immediately following the incident, a large-scale rescue operation was launched on-site, resulting in the rescue of three tourists while one lost their life. Efforts are underway to locate the missing individual, with specialized teams deployed to search for at least one skier believed to be buried beneath the snow. It is understood that all tourists involved were foreign nationals.

It is noteworthy that the ongoing heavy snowfall in Srinagar has led to a surge in avalanche occurrences, posing significant challenges to local authorities. In recent days, avalanches in the Sonamarg area of Jammu and Kashmir have blocked the flow of the Sind River, altering the course of water and causing flooding on roads. This has resulted in considerable hardships for residents and travelers alike.