Gazipur’s District Magistrate Aryaka Akhoury Engages in Altercation with Afzal Ansari During Mukhtar’s Funeral

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Gazipur, March 30, 2024 – District Magistrate Aryaka Akhoury of Gazipur, originally from Bihar, found herself in a heated argument with Afzal Ansari, brother of Mukhtar Ansari, during the latter’s funeral procession. A video of their altercation has gone viral on social media, reigniting discussions about Akhoury’s actions and background.

Akhoury was appointed as the district magistrate of Gazipur in 2022, following a late-night transfer of IAS officers in September. Her previous posting was in Bhadohi, making Gazipur her second district as a district magistrate.

This incident isn’t the first time DM Aryaka Akhoury has been in the spotlight for confronting prominent figures. Previously, she garnered attention for taking strict actions against gangsters and illegal arms dealers in Bhadohi district.

During her tenure as DM, Aryaka Akhoury also implemented regulations regarding the attire of government officials, prohibiting them from wearing jeans and t-shirts to the office. Her proactive approach and strict enforcement of rules have earned her both praise and criticism.

Aryaka Akhoury, originally from Bihar, graduated from a university in New Delhi in 2013. Before her posting in Gazipur, she has served as Joint Magistrate in Varanasi and Meerut, and also held the position of Chief Development Officer. Known for her assertive demeanor, Aryaka Akhoury’s recent altercation with Afzal Ansari has once again made her a trending topic on social media.