Gensol Group Launches Solar Ezybidding & Ezybox at REI 2017

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Ahmedabad/New Delhi, September 21, 2017Gensol Group, a leading solar advisory, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) provider launched ‘Ezybidding’, a first of its kind online marketplace for solar equipment installers in India and the ‘Ezybox’, a plug & play solar generator, at the Renewable Energy India Expo (REI) 2017.

 “India is at the cusp of an energy revolution, led by a thrust in solar power generation. Gensol is at the forefront in providing cutting edge services that optimize generation. We are ready to expand our services and products in the years to come in India and abroad.”, said Mr. Anmol Singh Jaggi, Co-Founder, Gensol Group.

Meanwhile, Mr. Puneet Singh Jaggi, Director- Ezysolare & Co-Founder, Gensol Group said, “While renewable energy and most prominently among them, solar, has a bright future, we noticed that the process of project completion often faces challenges ranging from delays in equipment delivery to high prices. Ezybidding has been created to address this problem. Moreover, it shall enable a virtual market-place for installers and vendors, thereby promoting best practices that ensure efficiency.”

“We are confident of our success, as we foray into the assembly of solar equipments with the Ezybox. The product addresses the issues of mobility, space limitation, grid connectivity and clean energy all at one go”, he added.

‘Ezybidding’ is an online marketplace that provides a unique platform for solar equipment installers to participate in time bound competitive bidding to procure efficient equipments at the right prices from credible vendors.

‘EzyBox’ is a plug & play solar generator that can be installed on any kind of roof or terrain in less than an hour. A modular equipment, the ‘EzyBox’ can be can conveniently customized by adding batteries and solar panels to take up its generation capacity from 500 W to 2.5 kW.

Installers can post their requirement immediately or shortly after their project is confirmed. This requirement is then posted by Ezysolare as an ‘EzyBid’. It is then opened to all equipment suppliers and a time bound competitive bidding is started. This allows Installers to interact with various vendors on one platform.

Currently, around 1,300 products are listed on Ezysolare and over 200 brands have listed their products on the portal. The entire supply chain process is then managed via Ezysolare’s team till order fulfillment.