Get expert training to produce eco-friendly Ganapati Makhar

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Pune, June 27, 2018: Looking at recent plastic ban and restriction on Thermocol decorative items, the demand for eco-friendly decorations in Ganeshotsav will be on rise. Considering this growing demand, there has been a great prospect for small businessmen and entrepreneurs to capitalise on creating eco-friendly items during the festival. Recognizing this opportunity NIVA Growth Consultants has undertaken an initiative to propagate and give ‘Know -how’ with expert training in making eco-friendly Makhar ahead of this Ganesh Festival.

Abhay Kardeguddi, brain behind eco-friendly Makhar and Founder, NIVA Growth Consultants shared this information during a Press Conference held in the city. He addressed the media regarding the eco-friendly ways to be adapted in making the upcoming Ganesh festival environment friendly. He also shared information about ‘Do-It Yourself’ Makhar business opportunity and demonstrated the actual making of an Makhar from the kit.

The ‘NIVA Growth Consultants’ company has created and designed these Makhar using recycled paper and corrugated paper making it easier for entrepreneurs to manufacture them. Eco Makhars design was appreciated by The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) as Top 10 Eco Innovators in India and was sold well worldwide. The design is conceptualized by Nachiket Thakur – Senior Associate designer who was actively involved in design and development of Eco Makhar.

This eco-friendly Makhar can be easily assembled and can be placed at the desired location in the house. After use it can be dismantled and conveniently stored in a paper box. It is 100% environment friendly and biodegradable. The ready to make Makhars are available in 4 different colours can bear upto 15 kgs of weight and can be reused for 3-5 years.

Kardeguddi said, “There are about 8 lakh families in Pune. Considering that if only 50 percent of the households celebrate Ganeshotsav, there is already good demand for Ganapati Makhars. With the ongoing plastic ban and thermocol restrictions, even if 50% of them decides to use eco-friendly items in Ganeshotsav this year, that will still make it a huge demand for eco-friendly products especially Makhars. It will be around this time that the market for eco-friendly Ganapati Makhar is speculated to be around Rs. 10 crores only in Pune and nearby regions.”

‘NIVA Growth Consultants’ holds great experience in the mass manufacturing and sale of eco-friendly Makhar and other eco-products. This organisation will readily train small businessmen and self-help groups regarding every aspect of this eco-friendly Makhar; right from material selection, drawing, labour training and the process to manufacture in large numbers.