Get Ready for Cloudy Skies and Light Rain in Pune From Tomorrow – IMD

Cloudy weather
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Pune, 6th January 2024: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a detailed weather forecast for Pune and its surrounding regions:

07/01/2024: The forecast predicts a partly cloudy sky with the possibility of drizzle and very light rain, accompanied by haze in the morning hours.

08/01/2024: Expect a partly cloudy sky with thundery activity, lightning, and very light to light rain. Haze is anticipated in the morning hours.

09/01/2024: The weather is expected to transition from a partly cloudy sky to a generally cloudy sky, with intermittent thundery activity, lightning, and light rain likely.

10/01/2024: Anticipate a mainly clear sky evolving into a partly cloudy sky from time to time, with drizzle and very light rain likely.

11/01/2024: The forecast indicates a mainly clear sky.

12/01/2024: The weather is expected to maintain a mainly clear sky.