GGF organized a session on safe menstrual health

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16 MARCH 2019, PUNE: In order to bust the myths, taboos and prejudices associated with the Menstruation, Goel Ganga Foundation had organized a session on Menstrual Health at GGIS School for its support staff (housekeeping, canteen and bus personnel) and teaching staff. Dr. Sania Siddiqui founder Humjoli Foundation conducted the session about menstrual health and hygiene.

This step was taken after the shocking news of a lady losing her life due to poor hygiene during her menstruation was reported recently.

The session covered all the important topics like what is normal and what is not during the period, maintaining hygiene during the period, diseases and infections caused due to poor menstrual hygiene, sanitation & disposal, usage and pros-&-cons of other menstrual hygiene products beyond sanitary pads such as menstrual cup, tampon and reusable cloth pads, dealing with menopause, intimate hygiene etc. The emphasis was more on usage of safe and hygienic sanitary products and busting of myths and taboos associated with menstruation in our country.

“Ignorance, lack of awareness and poor resources can lead to complicated health issues. We as educationists feel that there is lack of awareness not only in the weaker sections of society but even amongst the educated class. Now, each of us can reach to other members of society in order to bring a change” stated Sonu Gupta, Chief Trustee, Goel Ganga Foundation.

“Menstruation is a natural body process. Hence, No girl/woman should face any health hazard or any medical issue due to lack of awareness about menstrual hygiene. The session would surely help all, said  Bharti Bhagwani, Principal, GGIS.