Girls climb Dukes Nose; Boys climb Khadaparshi

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Pune, February 15, 2021: Giripremi’s team of girls climbed 800-ft tall Dukes Nose, while the team of boys negotiated the challenge of 450-ft tall Khadaparshi successfully on Sunday, February 14, 2021. Priyanka Chinchorkar, Sayali Budhkar, Ketaki Pathak, Pallavi Vartak, Anjali Katre, Sneha Gude, Smita Karewadikar and Sneha Talwatkar completed the Dukes Nose challenge under the guidance of Samiran Kolhe. At the same time, Giripremi’s Varun Bhagwat and Rohan Desai climbed Khadaparshi pinnacle situated near Fort Jivdhan in Naneghat region.


Khadaparshi also known as Vanarlingi is a 450 ft tall pinnacle known for toughest rock climbing routes in the country. The steep climb coupled with more than 3000 ft feet deep valley on one side brings several challenges to the climber. Giripremi Varun Bhagwat and Rohan Desai successfully negotiated the challenges.


Girl climbers made it to the top of Dukes Nose after setting up the climb in two parts: 500 ft and 300 ft. The team performed really well to neutralize the challenge of the overhang located near the upper part of the pinnacle. 54-year-old Anjali Katre’s successful summit was the highlight of the expedition.


Umesh Zirpe, a senior mountaineer and Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee,  has been mentoring and guiding both the teams.