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Envy adds two new deodorants to its collection under the names Rouge and Bleu. These premium deodorants are targeted at the ever demanding millennium men who have the taste for rich and fine fragrances.

If you ever wanted to get your hands on those exotic French perfumes your wait has ended. The premium deodorant brandENVY has introduced two deodorants named – Rouge andBleu, with the power of French perfumes. This addition expands the range of amazing deodorants that the brand Envy already has under its umbrella.

Top off your exceptional looks with Rouge which contains the invigorating notes of wood, amber andTonka beans that will stir your senses. Let this scent engulf your surroundings, keep you dry all day long and ignite the unprecedented desires among people who will only want more of you.While you are rocking the world smelling like a million bucks, show off the Rouge that will give you the bonus social points in your circle.

The second deodorant introduced by Envy is called Bleu. It comes with an exquisite mix of cedar and musk that soothes your senses and keeps you fresh and calm all through the stressful work days. With Envy Bleuexpress your inherent desires and feelings. The sense of freshness stays with you all through the day, leaving a lasting impression of your charm during those close encounters. The deodorant comes in a can with stripes of blue that resembles the calm sea where you want to spend your summers in and discover French romance.

These premium deodorizers are aimed at the millennial men who are not afraid to head out there and get what they desire, armed with the invisible protection of the freshness and French fragrances.

The cherry on this cake is the promise of 800 sprays per can for both the deodorants, this means that each will last for an average of 8 months. There is hardly any other deodorizer that can match Envy deodorants that are blended with rich French fragrance. Both the variants are easily available both offline and online on popular platforms for a price of Rs. 199.This promise of such value for money product itself is enough for you to decide to get your hands on both the variants.