Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan Pune to host conference on Environment and Sustainability

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Pune 19 June 2019 : Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan Pune’s PASCH-Project (Schools: Partners for the Future) will host Youth Congress 2019 – Conference on Environment and Sustainability. About 110 students from various schools and colleges in the age group 14-16 years will participate in the three day event to be held at Max Mueller Bhavan, Boat Club Road Pune between 23rd to 25th June 2019. Goethe Institute has been conducting Youth Congress based predominantly on the Topic –Sustainability-. This Event has already been conducted in Mumbai, Kolkata, Karachi and would further be hosted Pune in 2019. The aim is to create network between young learners and local, national and international partners in the field of Sustainability.

For the Youth Congress eminent personalities in the field of Environment, Society and Economy have been invited to conduct workshops for 3 days, which would sensitize the participating students towards environmental, economic and social sustainability and train them further to take up related projects. 6 parallel workshops addressing the issues and concerns of Sustainability would be conducted during these 3 days. To ensure hands on experience Field Visits are also arranged for the participants as an integral part of the Workshops.

The Workshops would result into complete Projects by the end of the 3 day Youth Congress and would enable the learner to carry forward the Project work and complete the same within a given time frame. All participants would ensure that they further propagate what they have learned during the Youth Congress.

Workshops would be conducted on the topics – Waste Management, Water – Wildlife – Waste, Participative Governance, Fair Trade and SDGs, Horticulture and What matters most?

30 minute Input sessions would be held daily for all participants wherein eminent speakers would address the young adults on the topics “Pune: lessons from the past for a sustainable future”, “Restoration of water bodies” and book review of “The Recycle Man” by the author himself.

A 2 day introductory cum preparatory workshop on the topic UN Sustainability Development Goals was conducted for all participants in the month of May. Participants were also motivated to make presentations of how they practice sustainability in their lives as also in their schools. Presentations were made in form of Skits, Dances, Songs and Posters.