Good News: First phase of Corona vaccine shows positive results in the USA

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Pune, May 19, 2020: Good news has come from the United States about the ongoing preparations on a war footing around the development of the Corona vaccine. In a significant development related to the development of the COVID-19 virus vaccine, a biotechnology company ‘Moderna’ has claimed that the results of initial vaccine testing on eight people have been very promising.


According to the news published in the US newspaper ‘New York Times’, the company said that the first coronavirus vaccine tested in people seems to be safe. The company said vaccines were given to eight healthy volunteers whose results were promising. Each of the volunteers was given two doses of the vaccine. The test started in the month of March.


The company said that the people who were given doses made antibodies in their bodies that when tested in the laboratory were able to prevent the virus from replicating. The levels of these so-called antibodies were then matched to the levels of antibodies of those who recovered after being infected by the coronavirus.


Moderna said that it would include 600 people in the second phase of the trial which would start soon. It said the third phase of the trial would begin in July involving thousands of people. The US regulator Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval to Moderna to proceed to the second phase of testing.


The newspaper said that if the test was successful, the vaccine would be available for mass use by the end of this year or early next year. The company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tal Jax, said in an interview that his company is engaged in the development of vaccines on a war footing and preparing millions of doses. He claimed that the vaccine is completely safe and effective.