Google Ads Editor Introduces Few Amazing Launches

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Vaishnavi Jhawar

Pune, 20th August 2021: Google Ads Editor is a smart version tool designed to use Google Ads where changes and corrections can be made in bulk, quick and easy optimisations and edits can be made through different sets and ad targeting side of the campaign.

For instance, these editing can be made on a campaign level, account level, adgroup level, keyword level, ad quality level, ad ranking level, impression share level and other such significant parameters. These changes are/can be published offline and transformed on an online platform.

Before making these adjustments and changes, the offline changes allows users with better control and visibility before immediately making the ads live. Hence, Google Adwords introduced a new version in Google Ads Editor 1.7 where it has features that are at ease for a business analyst to use. These features help an individual to download, ads, use audio ads, extensions and a lot more

Easy downloading – Users can improve download speeds by opting to select only certain parts of the campaign. Therefore, instead of selecting the entire campaign, business analysts can work only on certain parts of the campaign to increase its strategic order.

Lead extension update – Prior to 2019, the ease of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for lead form extension allowed users to complete and submit the lead form without bothering much with the Search Engine Rank Page (SERP). After the new Google Ads release and update, analysts could get an opportunity to create, edit, duplicate and analyse the data with different variations and a user-friendly interface.

YouTube with its feature of audio ads – Prior the recent update and launch of YouTube ads, it was only familiar within the user interface and user experience. These audio ads could never be inclined or connected with Google Ads Editor. But recently, Google Ads Editor got it featured within its own durability and feasibility.

Managing Hotel Ads – The users who prefer Google Ads Editor have an opportunity to manage hotel ads that are completely based on feeds. This will smartly help hotel advertisers to promote and boost their prices, offers discounts, availability, arrangements for any required, auspicious, part event or designated day. The use of hotel ads could only be done through its own user experience (UX) and user interference (UI) but now it has expanded with an add on feature on Google Ads Editor


Vaishnavi Jhawar (Vaishnavi Jhawar graduated from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom with a bachelor’s in Business Management & Marketing. She has been a global volunteer for non-profits in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya. Been a TEDx Speaker for TEDxDandupurStudio on the topic “Why Respecting Every Profession Is A Key to Human Mankind?)