Google Music Will Be Shut Down After 4 Days, Here’s Why

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Friyana Munshi

New Delhi, February 20, 2021: Google’s Play Music app running for the last 8 years is going to be shut down this month. On February 24, the Google Play Music app will be closed, after which Google will not provide any support to the app. If you use the Google Play Music app, then you have only 4 days left.

According to the information received, Google is going to replace its Play Music app with YouTube Music App. The company had announced the same last year. If you still have saved your favourite songs on the Google Play Music app, then transfer them to another app.

Google is emailing its users asking them to transfer the data of their play-music app to the YouTube Music app. The app data includes the users’ music library and purchased songs. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Here’s how to transfer your data

If you wish to transfer the data of your Google Play Music, you may do so by going to the mobile application or On the home screen of the mobile app, you will receive the option of YouTube Music or elsewhere for data transfer. If you want, you can also download or delete your entire music library.

What is the reason for the shutdown?

The reason for the closure of Google Play Music is being assumed to be the increasing competition in the music segment. At present, there are many music applications in the market such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Wynk app.