Government Set to Shut Down Millions of Mobile SIM Cards, Clampdown on Offenders

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Pune, 20th May 2024 – The central government is embarking on a significant move to deactivate a substantial number of SIM cards and mobile connections concurrently. If individuals are found involved in any misconduct, their SIM cards could be deactivated. Under this initiative, about 1.8 million mobile connections and SIM cards are slated for termination. The government’s directive to telecom companies to shut down mobile bands underscores its resolve to curb online frauds and scams. A 15-day action plan has been laid out to deactivate millions of SIM cards.

In a recent development, major telecom companies like Jio, Airtel, and Vi have been instructed by the government to shutter over 28,000 mobile bands.

The primary objective of this action plan is to directly target frauds and scams. By ordering telecom companies to reverify millions of SIM cards, the government aims to gain control over their misuse in illicit activities. It is anticipated that these SIM cards will be blocked within the next 15 days.

While regular SIM card users need not worry about this government initiative, stringent measures will be taken against those involved in wrongful activities. Any individual found violating regulations will also face SIM card deactivation.

This proactive move by the government reflects its commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of digital communications networks. It is expected to serve as a deterrent to individuals engaged in fraudulent and unlawful activities, thereby fostering a safer digital environment for all citizens.