Green Acres Academy, Wagholi, celebrates a special Children’s Day

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21 November 2019, Pune- On the occasion of Children’s day, the Green Acres Academy, Wagholi, hosted a unique Children’s Day celebration. With the objective of encouraging children to push their boundaries and to build confidence, the school organised an adventurous day for children.

Starting from 9:30 AM there were 144 children in attendance at the Adventure Carnival, most of which had never tried activities like wall climbing and rappelling. Students were taught the technicalities and given a demonstration, and with a little help from the attendants and parents, students quickly realized that they could easily master the techniques. Parents in attendance were thrilled to see the joy on their children’s face when they have completed the task and were proud of their children for trying something new. Students were also given the opportunity to test out horse riding and learn about the beautiful nature of horses. Students even tried archery and rifle shooting, an activity which required to focus, relax, and be patient. Each activity worked on a different skill set in the students.

Speaking about the significance of the activity, Mr Rohan Parikh, Director, Green Acres Academy, said, “The idea was to build an environment where kids would push their own boundaries, learn about success, failures, mistakes, and finally perseverance. We at Green Acres Academy strongly believe that co-curricular activities and physical movement are important for the growth and development of children, and organizing an adventure carnival like this gave us the opportunity to showcase this. At The Green Acres Academy this is how we like to mould active, healthy, confident, independent, and adventurous children.”

The Adventure Carnival was hosted on 17th November 2019, where a rock climbing wall, rappelling activities, horse riding, rifle shooting, mini-golf as well as archery were arranged for the children to explore and enjoy. As all the activities involved some amount of risk, the children were apprehensive at first, but as they gave each activity a try, they quickly learned to conquer their fears and the task at hand. And this, in turn, boosted their confidence.