Groom Ran Away With His Girlfriend, Bride Marries A Guest Instead

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Bengaluru, January 8, 2021: It is said that matches are made in heaven but what happens when the groom runs away from his own wedding with his girlfriend? A similar shocking incident of marriage breakdown has come into focus in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka, where the groom left his bride and ran away with his girlfriend. The bride too did not wait in making her decision and got married to one of the guests attending the wedding.

According to the Bangalore Mirror, Naveen and his brother Ashok were to be married. Ashok married as planned, however, Naveen ran away. Naveen participated in all the rites and rituals prior to the marriage. On the day of his marriage when it was time to make the seven vows before the holy fire, Naveen changed the bride itself.

On the wedding day, Naveen’s girlfriend threatened that if he married Sindhu, she would come to the wedding ceremony and drink poison, spoiling the entire ceremony. Due to the fear of this threat, Naveen ran away from his own marriage.

This reality that resembles the drama in a film didn’t end here. Oddly enough, Sindhu started searching for a life partner among the guests that had arrived to attend her wedding. Sindhu’s search ended when she found Chandrappa, who was the witness of the entire incident.

Chandrappa is a bus conductor at BMTC. Both families got the two married with proper customs and consent.