GST, fast forwarding India’s digital transformation

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By Anant Maheshwari
President at Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

As the country embarks on its biggest policy reform ever (perhaps!) with Goods and Services Tax (GST), it has set me thinking on what it means for the country’s digital transformation. In my opinion, this one reform will fast forward the country’s digitization more than any other recent development in the country. A single tax regime, needs an integrated digital backbone – something far more integrated, robust, secure and flexible, than India has ever experienced. And it will push the country forward in our digital transformation journey.

At Microsoft, we are excited to bring the power of our cloud technologies to our customers and partners’ customers as they embrace GST. Several of our GSP solution partners are using Microsoft Azure to enable their customers to simplify and comply with the new tax regime. Helping the largest and smallest organizations shift efficiently is at the core of the cloud-based solutions our partners are offering. We are excited to be a part of this transformation journey of our customers and our partners, under-pinned by secure, flexible cloud technologies.

The ready availability of cloud technologies and their multi-fold applications in core sectors of healthcare, education, agriculture and skilling/jobs gives us the optimism to be ambitious in India. Be it transparency in government to citizen connections, or better crop yield, or stopping our students from dropping out of school, or improving the diagnosis accuracy in surgical procedures, cloud technologies can be put to transformational use in India.

But more of that later. Today, I am excited about the digital transformation journey we have embarked on, with GST!