Handicapped man survives after being thrown in river by robber

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Punekar News's photo.– Spends whole night in water before being rescued by Fire Brigade in morning

Pune : Bharat Singh Premsingh Thakur (32), a resident of Vadgaonsheri area in Pune, had a miraculous escape after he was pushed in the Mula-Mutha river by a robber around Thursday midnight.

The incident took place on Yerwada bridge. Thakur was passing through the bridge when he was accosted by an unidentified man who wanted to rob him. Thakur, who is handicapped in one hand, resisted the robbery bid following which the robber pushed him down in the river.

Thakur managed to remain afloat with the help of thrmocol sheet and was flown to some distance when he clinged on a big stone. He shouted for help but nobody listened to him in the dead of night.

He remained in the river whole night. Around 7 am on Friday, someone informed the Pune Fire Brigade, who rescued him within 15 minutes.

The rescue team included assistant divisional officer Ramesh Gangad, Tandel Tanaji Ambekar, driver Sachin Waghmare and firemen Anil Walhekar, Sunil Kharabi, Chandrakant Chavan and Uttam Khandebharad.

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