Happy Navroz: New Year Celebrated With Pomp, Zest And Joy In Pune

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Batul Hakim

Pune, 16th August 2022: Parsi New Year every year is celebrated on the first day of the first month of Farvardin in the Zoroastrian Calendar approximately around mid-August. The Parsis having their roots in Persia have emigrated to India and are based mainly in Mumbai and Pune.

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Being a closed-knit well-defined community, they celebrate their new year with joyful zest and vigor, visiting their holy temples to offer prayers, starting new ventures, and preparing several traditional Parsi dishes including berry pulao, farcha, jardaloo chicken, etc. They observe this day as a day of cleansing of the body, soul and mind.

Zest And Joy In Pune

The Parsi new year is also known as Navroz, which means ‘new day’. They have many get-togethers with their families’ exchanging gifts and having a good time.


Hormuz Pundole from Camp said, ‘’After 10 days of mourning for those who have passed away, at the end of the 10th day we celebrate the New Year. We celebrate with our families by having a feast for lunch and dinner’’.


Expressing her thoughts, actress Vahbbiz Dorabjee added, “Navroz for me is a get-together of friends and family. It’s our new year filled with laughter and celebrations and we eagerly look forward to this day throughout the year.’’