Hard Rock Cafe Comes Back To Pune At Amanora Mall

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Pune, 27th December 2023: Hard Rock Cafe, renowned for its fusion of music, entertainment, and authenticity, makes a triumphant return to Pune at Amanora Mall, Hadapsar. Situated conveniently on the ground floor East block, the cafe offers a dynamic mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, delivering an unmatched experience.

This iconic venue isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a tribute to the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Combining elements of rock history in its indoor section and providing an expansive outdoor area perfect for Pune’s climate, the cafe infuses nostalgia with contemporary vibes, creating a unique ambiance.

The cafe’s ethos of ‘Love All Serve All’ extends beyond its delectable American cuisine to its community-focused approach. Nestled in Pune’s IT and tech hub, the cafe caters to a diverse clientele, from corporate professionals to families seeking a culinary adventure.

Distinguishing itself with not only mouthwatering American fare but also a melodic blend of music resonating throughout its walls, the cafe offers a versatile setting suitable for any occasion. Additionally, it hosts live music events, ensuring an immersive and entertaining atmosphere within the mall.

Moreover, what sets this establishment apart is its Rock Shop, a haven for brand merchandise enthusiasts. Displaying artifacts from music legends like Eric Clapton, Madonna, Aerosmith, and others, each item narrates a chapter in music history.

Tom Perez, Vice President of Franchise Operations, Hard Rock International, expressed delight at Pune rejoining the Hard Rock family. The cafe aims to elevate hospitality standards, generating 90 employment positions, and promises to bring the brand’s spirit to Pune’s rich musical and culinary traditions.

Embrace Pune’s musical culture with live performances by local artists and events celebrating both international and local music. Indulge in a diverse menu, including the Legendary Burger and local dishes capturing Hard Rock Cafe’s essence.