Hardik Patel shares his thoughts at the 7th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad

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18 January 2017, Pune: Social and political activist Hardik Patel shared his thoughts on ‘Reservation on caste, social justice or total injustice? ’ at the 7th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad organized by MIT SOG, Pune amidst much anticipation and excitement. He spoke his mind on the reservation system in India and spoke about his expectation for a fair reservation system.

Here are some excerpts from his speech:

“My fight isn’t with other reserved classes like SC, ST OBC etc; my fight is against a system where a qualified farmer’s son is jobless due to a biased system. We must understand that giving reservation is nowhere closer to giving alms, I believe reservation should be designed in a way that it adds to the strength of the country. The reservation system should be divided basis the number of members in any cast. It has to be proportionate and only then will it make sense. I believe we can take the country forward if all casts are one, but that is still a distant dream. We are the youth and we have to make a new India. I firmly stand by reservation in India and will fight for it come what may. I am with farmers, I am with the youth and I am with reservation.”  Hardik Patel

His session concluded with a couple of questions from the young audience and this is what he had to say to them:

Question from youth: I am a Pathidar myself and don’t want reservation, why I am I forced into it?

Response from Hardik Patel: This is for a greater good. I am asking for a reservation that is fair and proportionate to the population and number of castes in India. Please don’t think you are forced into it, think that this will help the country come out of a biased system.

Hardik Patel’s session was attended by Prof. Viashwanath Karad, founder MIT group of institutes, Prof. Rahul Karad, founder and dean MIT – SOG, Prof. Hari Narke, renowned scholar-Pune university, Shri. Vinod Patil, organizer Maratha Morcha, Shri, Jehangir Hussain Mir, Dept. Chairman, J&K legislative assembly.