Have it your way with a custom builder

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24 Aug 2019, Pune : Deciding to build your own home means dedicating at least a few months to the process. Some builds seem to go perfectly, while others have a few bumps along the way. The type of construction company in bangalore you choose could make all the difference. You’ll need to choose a builder depending on your timeline, budget and level of customization. To get your dream house constructed specifically according to your taste, hiring a custom builder is the perfect path.

 A custom home is a unique house that is specifically designed for you. It is the house that you design, not a house someone is trying to fit you into. A custom building contractors creates your home, taking you all the way from a blank sheet of paper to a turnkey property. You’ll get exactly what you want. 

Here is the brief idea of the services given by a custom builder.

Prepare unique floor plan and architectural drawings

A custom builder starts every home from the scratch.  You could design your house depending upon your imagination, requirement and the budget. Your ideas are put into the designs of both aesthetically and structurally. Unique floor plans and architectural drawings are created to ensure your requirements are fulfilled.

High-end smart houses

Usage of technology in the houses ensures safety and makes the living smart. With the help of a custom builder, a smart house can be built with amenities such as 

  • Smart security system, CCTV, safe lockers 
  • Centralised air conditioning
  • Home automation
  • Modular kitchen
  • Home theatre and many more


Green building

Since the conservation of nature and ecology is important, constructing an eco-friendly greenhouse is always preferable. A greenhouse should have features like solar electrical panels, solar water heater, rainwater harvesting system, planter boxes, rooftop garden etc. A custom builder will have the right plan and approach for the construction of a green building, benefiting both you and nature.

Effective Time, resource management

Two important factors affecting the cost of construction is time and resource usage. As the duration prolongs, usage of resources such as money, men and materials get increased making the project painful. A good plan is needed to successfully execute the project within the allocated timeline and budget. A custom builder would build according to your budget. He will schedule the sequence of construction activities into multiple stages and finish them with utmost quality and hand it over on time. 


Hiring a custom builder to have your dream house constructed has many advantages. Here are some of the major advantages.

  • You will get a truly unique product as per your wishes

Since custom builders are all about creating a living space based on consumer requirement, you can have your unique house constructed with features that you’ve asked for

  • You can choose your architect.

 A custom builder might have a preferred architect or designer, but you can bring your own, too. You aren’t limited to any set of plans and if you love an architect’s work, you can have your plans drawn before you start working with your builder.

  • You’ll have more choices

Want all-gold fixtures? Done! Want a call of duty mural in your game room? Go for it. Want an oversized deck and huge balcony? It’s yours. A custom builder isn’t restricted in any way, so you’ll get to make every choice to your tastes along the way.

  • You’ll have more input. 

Custom home builders love collaboration, so expect to have more input along the way. Visiting the construction site and having more control over your build is par for the course. It’s a better choice for control freaks or those who truly want the full build experience.


Having your house built Is one of the most important projects you will undertake. So, consider factors of hiring a custom builder and compare them to your Wishlist before making your final decision.