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Mumbai, 13 April 2018: As we welcome the summer, Havmor Ice Cream, one of India’s leading pure milk ice cream brands, gives us another reason to laugh off the heat.

It was six months ago that Havmor established #MadeOfMilk, a belief that stems from real milk ice-cream made with the finest ingredients. Building on their commitment to authenticity, the first film introduced the ‘Cool Gaiz’, the happy-go-lucky and oftentimes silly duo, who live and breathe ice cream. These fun-loving cows are the biggest endorsers of Havmor’s real milk ice cream who never hold back when it comes to expressing their unconditional love for it.

The Cool Gaiz are back this summer to further strengthen the brand’s #MadeOfMilk stance through two new iterations. The TVCs focus on how Havmor Ice Cream has more variants than the summer can handle. The animation and overall style is something new for the ice-cream industry and typically ambitious from a brand that has stood out right from its products and flavours to its very stance as a brand. A style that’s bound to make Havmor stand out amongst the heap of advertisements that we’ll be seeing this summer.

The 15-second films feature the two Cool Gaiz going about their ice cream-obsessed antics, establishing the message that Havmor has the widest range of variants, and that consumers will never be short of choice this summer.

With the emphasis on variety, the first film tells us how Havmor always sees opportunities to make ice cream using newer ingredients. The cows end up creating numerous variants with every ingredient they can get their hands on – always with real milk.

The second film shows us the variety available in just a single flavour – chocolate. In their own unique way, the cows show us how there’s more than enough to choose from when it comes to Havmor’s range.

Speaking about the campaign, Chaitanya Rele, VP – Head of Marketing, Havmor Ice Cream Ltd. said, “We’ve worked really hard to define who we are as a brand. One that consumers love not just for the amazing products we make but one that a young, fun and somewhat irreverent India will find appealing. The Cool Gaiz are helping the brand become memorable and stand out from the crowd – not taking advertising as literally as we’ve traditionally seen brands do. We’re a bold group and our intent to be the benchmark has been realized.”

Said Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia, “The Cool Gaiz are just like the good folks at Havmor, obsessed with making ice cream. Fun, delicious, interesting ice cream. The #MadeOfMilk series, this summer, focuses on the variety on offer, and the fact that it’s made of milk. The first of the series went viral with 12mn views a few months ago, and this time around, we are even more excited.”