Heavy Vehicles Face Restrictions on Mumbai-Pune Expressway During Holiday Rush

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Mumbai/Pune, 6th April 2024: In a proactive measure to mitigate traffic congestion on the Mumbai–Pune Expressway (officially Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway) during the upcoming consecutive holidays, heavy vehicles will face restrictions on the expressway from 6 am to 12 noon for three days, spanning April 6 to April 9. These heavy vehicles will be barred from traffic during these hours and directed to pull over on the roadside. The Borghat Highway Police has issued an appeal to heavy vehicle drivers and owners, urging them to comply with this restriction to ensure smooth passage for tourist-bound passenger vehicles.

Amidst summer vacations, vehicular traffic surges notably on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Particularly, congestion intensifies at the Ghat section near Borghat Highway Police Station, where the Mumbai Pune Expressway converges with NH 48. To address this, traffic regulation measures will be implemented. Heavy vehicles will be directed to park in shoulder lanes and designated parking areas before entering the ghat section, prioritizing the passage of light vehicles during daytime hours.

Additionally, intermittent closures lasting ten to fifteen minutes will be imposed to alleviate stress on the Pune-bound route and alleviate traffic snarls. Traffic control measures will involve halting traffic at the Khandala tunnel for Mumbai-bound vehicles, and diverting Pune-bound traffic in the opposite direction to facilitate smoother flow. In cases where heavy vehicles break down due to rising temperatures, prompt removal using cranes and police assistance will be ensured to restore traffic flow promptly.

Stringent enforcement measures will be implemented against heavy vehicle drivers violating the prescribed restrictions, with prosecution and court appearances awaiting those found in breach. The Borghat Police has earnestly urged heavy vehicle owners and driver associations to refrain from utilizing the Mumbai Pune Expressway between 6 AM and 12 PM during the specified period, from April 6 to April 9.