Here Is How Children Should Take Care Of Their Health While Taking Up Home-Schooling! 

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Pune, September 30, 2020: The recent pandemic has made all kids take up home-schooling. Many healthcare professionals had raised issues over home-schooling. They underlined health issues that can come up like irritation of eyes with long hours on the digital screen or unhealthy bone development because of lack of outdoor sports etc. 

Children are taking up home-schooling for around three months now. The health issues that doctors underlined have started coming up in children slowly. Experts mention that timely precautions will help in worsening them or avoiding them. 

Experts mentioned that the foundation for strong bones is built during childhood. The almost entire process of bone development and bone density happens in our childhood and during our teenage. Hence parents should encourage children to eat bone-healthy food. It is also important for children to play outdoor games to develop bone strength for life.

Dr Sandeep Patwardhan, a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon from Sancheti Institute of Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation, said, “A child should get plenty of exposure to sunlight. Sunlight exposure is important because it helps the generation of Vitamin D through the skin. Research suggests that midday exposure to sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Because of this, children should play for at least 45 minutes in sunlight.”

“Only exposure to sunlight is not enough, children should play also. It is outdoor games that give a lot of flexibility and strength to the body at a young age. If a child is inactive, the bones get weak. Hence, to play computer games by sitting at home and not visiting the playground is not a good idea for good bones. Running, jumping or any outdoor sports gives a lot of strength for bones,” he added. 

As the lockdown was an unexpected announcement people started working from home in a less-than-ideal set up consisting of beds, coffee table, clutches, and dining table. With no end soon to this work from home situation, if one does not get the proper office set up at home, it may prove to wreak more havoc on workers with pre-existing neck and back pain problems.

Rupal Sancheti, Director of HealYos, a home-physiotherapy start-up from Pune, said, ” When the prolonged lockdown was not expected, many did not have the correct chair or table for work at their home as they used to have in their offices. This has led to impacting their body posture and thereby leading to a rise in neck and back pain related problems. Hence, one should have a correct sitting posture while working from home. To make your sitting comfortable you can add a hard pillow on the chair to support your back. One should get a chair and a table. The arrangement should be made in such a manner that the computer screen should come to the eye level.”

Experts also mentioned that children should wash their eyes frequently. Also, if there is any irritation of the eyes, parents should consult doctors. It is important that parents offer healthy food to kids. Eating junk and eating continuously can add to obesity-related issues.  

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