Historic Moment in Pune Fire Brigade: Meghna Sapkal Becomes First Woman Firefighter

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pune, 22nd February 2024: In the recent Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) fire brigade recruitment process, 167 candidates have been successfully selected. Notably, Meghna Mahendra Sapkal has made history by becoming the first female firefighter in the Pune Fire Brigade. Currently, there are 250 personnel in the PMC fire brigade. The decision to conduct the recruitment process was made due to the insufficient manpower in the fire brigade, attributed to the city’s expanding population. PMC initiated the recruitment of 167 personnel, and the process, which includes a mandatory firefighting course, was successfully carried out.

Meghna Sapkal comes from a family with a strong tradition of service in the fire brigade. Her father, Mahendra, is currently employed in the fire brigade, and her grandfather, Sadashiv Bapurao Sapkal, who is now retired, also served in the fire brigade. The family’s commitment to firefighting and public service is evident through multiple generations. Meghna has furthered this tradition by completing the firefighting course, showcasing her dedication to contributing to the field.

Meghna Sapkal applied for the fire brigade recruitment process after it was announced by PMC. Following the examination, she, along with 167 candidates who met all eligibility criteria, has been successfully selected. PMC has released the list of selected candidates, and Meghna has successfully passed the rigorous recruitment process. Devendra Potfode, the Chief Officer of Pune Fire Brigade, commended her achievement and praised her for being selected to serve in the fire brigade.

Meghna Mahendra Sapkal expressed the significance of her family’s legacy in the fire brigade selection, stating, “Being a part of the fire brigade runs in the Sapkal family. My grandfather dedicated his career to the fire service, and now my father continues that tradition. I am thrilled to follow in their footsteps and join my father in this honourable profession. While my mother is no longer with us, I know she would have been immensely proud and joyful to witness this continuation of our family’s commitment to serving in the fire brigade.”

In Mumbai, women have successfully joined the fire brigade, showcasing their competence across various fields, including the police and military. However, the number of women in the fire brigade seems to be decreasing. On a positive note, Pune has recently initiated the recruitment of women personnel in its fire brigade. Notably, Meghna Sapkal has become the first woman selected in the Pune Fire Brigade, marking a significant milestone in promoting gender inclusivity in this essential service.