Honda Unveils Plans for Electric Bike Launch in 2024

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7th December 2023: Exciting news for Honda enthusiasts as the renowned automaker announces its foray into the electric bike arena, planning to unveil its inaugural electric bike in 2024. Honda shared this revelation on social media, expressing its commitment to keeping pace with technological advancements in the electric vehicle domain. With an eye on the growing market for electric bikes and scooters, Honda aims to launch its first electric bike in India by the end of 2024, equipped with comprehensive electric features and a budget-friendly approach to make it accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The upcoming Honda electric bike is poised to compete in the 110-125 cc capacity segment, featuring a robust engine and battery configuration. Drawing inspiration from the powerful Honda SP series, this electric bike is anticipated to mirror the SP’s remarkable performance. Notably, Honda plans to manufacture this electric bike in its existing factory in India, further solidifying its commitment to the Indian market.

During a Honda company meeting, an official unveiled plans to introduce the electric bike with two potent batteries and enhanced features. The focus is on delivering a comfortable, cost-effective, and high-performance bike that caters to individuals seeking an optimal riding experience. While specific details about the design are yet to be disclosed, experts speculate that the new electric bike might incorporate design elements from the Honda SP 160 model.

The innovative battery setup includes a swappable battery model and a fixed internal battery to optimize motor performance. Fast-charging capability is also anticipated, promising quick and efficient charging for extended bike usage. Although Honda has not officially disclosed features, experts foresee technological advancements, including a digital speedometer, odometer, tail headlight, mobile phone charging slot, a 3 to 4-inch display, silent start, and other innovative additions.

Given its electric nature, the Honda electric bike is expected to house a robust battery and motor, aligning with the current trend in the electric vehicle market. While specific engine details remain undisclosed, Honda’s entry into the electric bike segment is anticipated to rival models like Joy e-bike and Orxa Mantis in the Indian market, presenting consumers with a compelling electric alternative.