Hospital Offers Home Quarantine Package for Covid 19 Treatment

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Bengaluru, April 20, 2021: The battle against Corona is not over yet. With the second wave of Covid infections arresting our country, now more than ever is the time to take guard again and act responsibly in the fight against Covid 19. The best way to contain the infection is noticing the symptoms and taking necessary care without panicking.

Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road has come to the aid of many of those who have mild and moderate COVID 19 symptoms or are asymptomatic by launching a dedicated home quarantine package providing the best hospital care at the comfort of people’s homes.

What does the self-quarantine care package include?

On testing positive for Covid 19, an individual can take the home quarantine package depending on the severity of the symptoms. Patients availing this package will get the required medical attention at home to treat the infection.

Well trained staff from Columbia Asia Hospital – Sarjapur Road will assist with the following:

  • Tele consultation with the doctor for initial assessment

  • Initial guidance to patients for home sanitization, basics of hygiene and isolation and self-monitoring needed

  • Alternate day video consultations with a senior doctor

  • Daily online vital parameters monitoring and counselling by a hospital nurse

  • 1 video consult each with a psychologist and dietician

  • Bed availability on priority

Additional benefits available outside the fixed package amount are (on individual need basis):-

  • Covid medicines as prescribed by doctor

  • Covid kit – thermometer, pulse oximeter, masks, disposable gloves, sanitizer and sodium hypochloride disinfectant solution, Blood Pressure apparatus

“Given the sharp surge of COVID cases in the city that have consumed most of the hospitals upto their capacities, vigil participation of people in diagnosis and treatment process is most crucial to ensure fast recoveries and prevent further spread. Hospital admission and beds are needed for patients with severe health issues and deteriorating conditions, and hence patients with mild to moderate symptoms can opt for treatment at home and recover with the help of our well trained doctors and nurses using our Home Quarantine packages. These home quarantine packages are especially for people who want to tele consult a doctor first and go through an assessment before going ahead for hospital admission or to a hospital ER for triaging. With the aim of increasing our reach for treatment of maximum COVID patients, we have been running the home quarantine care packages in our hospital and have treated over 150 patients through them. We also do home medicine delivery, home blood sample collection and home physiotherapy for patients in our catchment area, in addition to running our two home quarantine packages for duration of 7 days and 10 days respectively.” said Ms. Manisha Kumar, Hospital Head and General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road.