How Apps have changed the Education Industry

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Mobile Applications, a technological breakthrough,has paved the way for faster communication, hence saving time and making the life of people easier. There is no industry today which does not use or need an application.

CEO of Career Lift, Mr. Nitil Gupta says “In India, Mobile Apps are being used in almost all industries, from banking and finance to media, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, online business and education industry. In education, an App offer benefits that has not only made the life of service provider easy but also the students find it more convenient to access App and keep themselves abreast with all the relevant information.”

With Career Lift’s mobile application Institutes can create their own informative and interactive ecosystem. With this they can keep their students regularly updated, and help them to excel in their career.

With educational mobile apps Institutes can achieve –

1. New learning methods: Apps have changed the way knowledge can be imparted. It has made learning more interactive and fun. Apps have introduced a platform where students find it easy to communicate through just a tap of the button. This has given rise to a new era of learning.

2. Stronger Communication: The most significant advantage an App offers in the education industry is a strong medium of communication. This ease of communication has influenced all the processes, helping build better relationship with students that goes beyond Institute’s boundaries. A good Mobile App can facilitate teachers to respond to queries enabling transparency and gaining more trust.

3. Notifications and alerts: With Apps, students can get instant notifications and alerts from the institute, like change in the batch schedule, notifications regarding exams, mock exams, special sessions, guest lecture, online tests, etc., that keep them abreast with latest updates. With the institute’s App on their mobiles, students no longer need to visit campus for an update.

4. Online knowledge resource: Apps can be designed to be a very useful resource of knowledge. Students can access a lot of study material, mock exam papers, etc. through the App. With this, students can keep themselves updated even when they are traveling.

Introduction of Educational Apps can bring a constructive change in teaching and learning methods which can help institutes emerge as leaders in the industry.