How online betting is more simple, fun and convenient as compared to offline betting

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4 March 2020- Online betting has taken the community of punters by storm, and for no meek reason. It is rare to see a service so convenient and safe that it doesn’t leave a mark etched in the minds of those who seek to put it to good use. Online betting is a growing industry, converting offline betters every day into avid online betters. 

That said, one might still be unconvinced as to the obvious superiority of online betting sites. And that is fine, since subsequently, we are going to tackle this very issue, hoping to, if not change your mind, at least offer a differing perspective to the obvious narrative that people are generally exposed to, in a world where offline betting is still the predominant norm, although it probably should not be. Following are the reasons that make online betting simpler, more fun and better overall then its offline real-world counterpart:

  • Convenience:

Online betting is convenient in more ways than one, and supersedes offline betting since:

  • The internet is convenient because it makes things fast. By simple logical extrapolation, online betting is better and convenient because it is a lot faster by virtue of better codes. Bets can be cast almost instantaneously, and winnings are also extremely quick, as fast as one is able to play these games.
  • Online betting is automated, and unlike its offline counterpart, involves no human middle accountants. Automation, by its very nature is accurate and mistake free. Not only are all bets wagered the correct way, it also prevents any sort of cheating or manipulation by players.
  • Being online eliminated the need for standing in long queues in casinos to wager your bets. Bets can be cast instantaneously online and several parallel bets one after the other can be cast in online casinos or games all at once, in order to win simultaneously and win big.
  • Online sites, like any other website, are open 24/7 and are ready to take bets whenever you want, a convenience that offline betting fails to offer.
  • Often payment can also be done using paytm on Indian betting sites
  • Safety:

Online betting has its safety issues. Yet, in principle, it still outperforms its offline counterpart as:

  • Bets can be cast from a location of your choice, including the comfort of your home, or use the Wi-Fi of your office or from your vehicle when stuck in traffic. In the offline platform, you go to the casino, thus exposing you to the judgmental gaze of society, or worse still your family and friends.
  • As online betting is exposed to free market competition, most sites want to outperform the other, by winning over customers, by establishing safety nets that prevent money laundering, whereas even if offline casinos start without bad intentions, middle men involved inevitably make the gambling space toxic.
  • Bookies involved in offline platforms are often involved in money laundering, or illicit activities, thus exposing your betting activity to legal scrutiny, for no fault of yours. Even in their best-case scenario, bookies are often unaware of the legal issues that concern gambling and are unable to guide you properly. Online sites are governed by a team of experts who know what the legal issues are, since it concerns them as well, and thus are more able to help you out through helplines or customer care chat boxes.
  • Online sites are usually reputable, and thus safe, as any unscrupulous site usually gets no traffic and is taken down. More importantly, online review sites exist that often enlist the pros and cons of each site and call out bad platforms and can always be cross referenced.
  • Bonuses and rewards:

Being a market with tremendous competition, and limited customers, online casinos games often want to draw in clients by offering benefits. Different kinds of bonuses exist, and these can often be availed, sometimes simultaneously. They include sign in bonuses, referrals, and even free bets for your first-hand. While you may not be able to retain free bets over time, you do end up keeping your winnings. Sometimes they even offer multipliers as rewards to regular customers, which maximise your winnings further. The ultimate very best form of rewards is risk free bets. You can bet as large as you want for a limited number of rounds, without the fear of losing money, as the risk of loss is nullified by this type of bonus.

  • Pay-outs:

Online betting has 2 distinct advantages over offline betting when it comes to pay-outs. The pay-outs are quicker, often instantaneous, and are often higher than their offline counterparts. It also hands over to the customer a sense of bargaining power, since if pay-outs are bad or infrequent other sites will obviously exist that do it better. Offline betting sites lack these privileges, making customers wait for pay-outs which are often rare and not up to the mark.