How to choose a reliable market research platform?

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28 Jan 2020- Choosing the right market research platform can be extremely difficult and overwhelming, considering you have a lot of options to choose from. So how exactly do you choose the proper market research company for your business?

Earlier, you would have to hire a service agency to understand, collect, and analyze the data. With limited choice, it was tough to obtain the necessary data considering it wasn’t cheap, and companies had to undergo a lot of time-consuming trouble like interviewing and calling. Luckily, technology has become a boon to us today. The Internet browser has exposed us to a wide variety of information that can be collected in just a few minutes. 

You thus have the benefit of conveniently searching, examining, and collecting data without having to go through a lot of hassles.


Nonetheless, the Internet has its own set of disadvantages. Collecting data has become much easier via market research platforms; however, choosing the right research platform is extremely crucial. Therefore, making the right decision will benefit your company as a whole. Thus, in a nutshell, you should consider a few points while choosing your ideal research platform. 

  1. Analysis Software

It is essential to understand the amount of analysis that you will do all by yourself. This component will help you know how much external (analysis tools) help you need. Research platforms provide various services ranging from primary descriptive data to enhanced filtering and cross-tabulation. Therefore, choose your research platform based on the services required. Factor analysis, significance testing, correlations, and regression modeling are few of the services that most research platforms provide. Thus, having detailed knowledge about the data you require will help you save money and profit your company in the long run. 

  1. Effectiveness of your company

Understanding the type of information you require for expanding your business is the critical component of choosing a research platform. It is best advised to cover qual and quant. Therefore, analyzing the data needed and its frequency will help you differentiate between different techniques and services that you require. There are a plethora of platforms that run through surveys. Nonetheless, choosing services you don’t need can be disadvantageous. Therefore, it is best to choose services that fall under your budget carefully. Moreover, select a platform that has an impeccable mobile-experience for respondents.

  1. Does your company require reporting and visualization? 

Data analysis and visualization are undeniably the two most crucial components of choosing a research platform. Both these components are operated through distinctive systems and are quite different from each other. However, many people mistake these components to be the same. Not all research platforms provide services related to both these components. Therefore, it is highly necessary to analyze, examine, and discuss this with your business to make the right decision of choosing a research platform. The key to determining a platform for yourself is to understand the services that you require for profiting in the long run. 

  1. What will benefit you? 

It is essential to learn if a community or panel will benefit you. Surveys and qual platforms do not necessarily fulfill and cater to these components. You might be lucky if you find one that does, but the chances are very minimal. Thus, understanding your requirements will help you narrow down your business needs. Panels provide the privilege of increasing the response rates, enhance the efficiency and research amount, and decrease the field time. Therefore, it is best advised to choose a platform that allows you to improve and upgrade the panel whenever you want. 

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