How to heal and balance your Root Chakra with Reiki?

root chakra
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Prachi Deshpande

Pune, 25th December 2022: Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means a wheel. Chakras are energy centers that radiate and absorb life force energy. The scientific word for life force energy is bioelectricity. Each chakra rotates at a frequency that makes it appear as a particular color.

There are hundreds of thousands of chakras in our energy field out of which there are seven major chakras.

Each chakra governs some specific thoughts and also provides life force energy to specific physical organs. When the chakras are healed and balanced, we can experience mental strength, emotional resilience and physical health to the optimum level.

When they are not healed, we feel out of balance and struggle to experience happiness, good health and healthy relationships.
It is said that seven major chakras govern all other small chakras. And when we heal and balance them, we heal and balance the rest of the small chakras automatically.

Let us start our journey of understanding seven major chakras by learning about the first chakra today.

The first chakra is located at the base of our spine. It is called as Root Chakra or Muladhaar Chakra. Some people also call it Base Chakra.
It governs all thoughts related to food, clothing, shelter, money and relat mother. Root chakra provides life force energy to lower body from the base of the spine to toes. It rotates at a frequency that makes it look bright red in color.

When healed and balanced we are optimistic and happy about food, clothing, shelter, money and relationship with mother.

When it is unhealed, it starts appearing muddy red in color and we start experiencing lot of stress in these five areas of life. And when we experience stress in these five areas of life, Root Chakra further becomes more and more blocked.

Reiki helps heal and balance Root Chakra effectively. For those of you who want to know what Reiki is, it is a Japanese word that means life force energy. It helps you to become happier and emotionally resilient.
After saying the prayer of gratitude, call upon Reiki energy and guide the energy to Root Chakra for about 3-4 minutes everyday. You will start feeling a positive shift within a week.

That’s all for today. See you soon with details about Second Chakra, that is, Sacral Chakra.

Prachi Deshpande
(Prachi Deshpande is a renowned Reiki Master, Mathematician and Author from Pune. She is known to help CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Students for their personal transformation. She conducts Reiki classes online as well as in-person. She also provides Reiki healing through unique solutions like Reiki Music and Reiki paintings for homes and offices.)

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