Hypertension in Covid-positive Pregnant Women can Lead to Health Complications

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Bengaluru, May 17, 2021: A pregnant woman with hypertension has much more chances of developing severe health complications if she becomes Covid-positive, according to Dr. Vidya V Bhat, Fertility Specialist & Medical Director, RadhaKrishna Multispecialty Hospital, Bengaluru.

A hypertensive pregnant woman infected with Covid can suffer from complications like premature birth, eclampsia (seizures), premature separation of placenta leading to fetal death, and fetal growth retardation. In severe cases, she may even face loss of vision or brain hemorrhage.

Said Dr. Vidya V Bhat: “Hypertension is a significant co-morbidity in Covid patients. Pregnant women carrying twins or triplets have higher risk of pregnancy induced hypertension and face higher morbidity that those carrying single pregnancies. Complications for them can include elevated liver enzymes and altered coagulation profile.  When women facing pregnancy induced hypertension get infected with Covid, they need to control their blood pressure, be under proper care of an obstetrician and physician and seek admission in a tertiary hospital which has a newborn intensive care unit (NICU).”

It is totally safe for pregnant women with hypertension to get vaccinated against Covid, according to Dr. Vidya V Bhat. She added: “About 5 to 10 percent of pregnant women suffer from hypertension. Age is a major risk factor, with women below 19 years or more than 35 years being more susceptible to hypertension during pregnancy. The incidence is more common in rural areas because of lack of medical facilities for early diagnosis. Also, women with pregnancy induced hypertension are more prone to getting hypertension later in life.”